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  • Alias
  • Location
    Cologne, Germany
  • Label
    Nachtstrom, d!st!nct, Steil

Uncompromising, Dark, Atmospheric. Techno! That’s the sound of Cortechs.

It did not take long until the unique sound of Cortechs became attention in the global underground scene of techno music.

After multiple releases on various prestigious labels, Cortechs earned his rightful position among the most important producers and performers of the german underground techno movement.

With 3 solo long players. Loads of remixes, singles and side projects like „The Sphere“ with Björn Torwellen or his new project called „d!st!nct“ are guaranteeing constant output to deliver a intuitive performance live on stage!

So if you are looking for atmospheric and massive bassline tracks, make sure to look out for Cortechs!

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