Jan Fleck

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    Jan Fleck
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    Brood Audio / Elektrax

Jan started producing electronic music at the age of 16. Especially fascinated by the harder and uncommon styles of music like Drum n’ Bass and underground Hardcore Jan didn’t take a long time to find his real passion: Hard and dark Techno. In order to present his favorite music and especially his own music to an audience he started DJing some time later. In 2007 he had his first chance to play his first gig on a newcomer-contest at Fusion- Club in Münster/Germany. Several gigs followed, especially in his former hometown Saarbrücken.

In the end of 2008 he published his first vinyl release “Turn Red” on Sven Wittekinds label Inflicted records, which became a great success and was played on events like nature one, mayday or syndicate by the most famous representers of the hard scene. Afterwards he released and remixed

techno and hardtechno tracks on many more labels like Abstract, Frown, Distorted, Black Circus or Animasola and his tracks were featured on the most recent Techno-CD Compilations like the Syndicate-Compilation series, Schranz & Loops, The Best in Hardtechno, Decibel, Xtreme Hardtechno, Schranz Total or the Q-Base Compilation.

Receiving more and more attention for his tracks and his live-act performances which are

combining his own style of dark, melodic and industrial atmospheres he is constantly playing in clubs all over europe and even played several times at events in south america. He is also often part of festival-lineups representing the harder styles like Decibel Outdoor, Q-Base, Nature One, Montagood, Ruhr in Love, Liberty White or Toxicator.

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