Juliana Yamasaki

  • Alias
    Juliana Yamasaki
  • Label
    De-Konstrukt, Elektrax, Rewashed, Naked Lunch, DSR Digital, Naughty Pills Records, Dolma Records, Terminus Audio
  • Location
    Greven, Germany

Powerful, driven and strong are words that can describe the sound of Juliana Yamasaki Juliana started DJing in 2004: what began as a fun way to spend time turned into something serious, and by 2006, she founded „Descontrol Techno“ and started promoting parties in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Overtime, she had the chance to perform through the best clubs within the local scenes, including legendary hotspot „A Loca“ where she was also for 1 year resident of the “Girls Techno night”. International tours brought her to perform in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, as well as some of the best European festivals and clubs after relocating to Germany in 2010 when she also started working more on her own music.

Some clubs/events where she already performed : Fabrik (ES), Florida 135 (ES), Liberty White (BE), Defqon 1. (NL), Nature One (DE), Ruhr in Love (DE), City Parade Belgium (BE), Blau (ES), Aquasella (ES), Fuel Techno (PO), Docklands Festival (DE), Fusion Club (DE), Technoflash (ES), Alcantara Mar (PO), Industrial Copera (ES), Sala Wow (ES), Ultimate Festival (SL), Qontinent Festival (BE), Clash Club (BR), Technomachines (VEN), Kraft Club (BR), and more…

Presskit Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yqGnCOuk2oTj-6oTJJ7_GqO0WGRtwGI_?usp=sharing

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