Aleja Sanchez

  • Alias / Name
    Aleja Sanchez
  • Location
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Label
    Illegal Alien/ Nachtstrom Schallplatten/ Northallsen

Aleja Sanchez is a Colombian DJ and producer, who has shared cabin with some international names including Ricardo Garduno, Function, Oscar Mulero, Abdulla Rashim, Inigo Kennedy, Adam X, Drumcell, Electric Indigo among others. Has been invited to play in some of the most important cities all over Colombia because her quality skills to perform cutting-edge techno music. She has pleayed around the world in Clubes like Tresor.Berlin (Germany), Stardust (Spain), Razzmatazz (Spain), Perpetum (Czech Republic), Flex (Austria) Among others. As producer, has signed own productions to some well known labels such as Illegal Alien Records, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Planet Rhythm, True Type Tracks, Etichetta Nera, Subraum Records, Labrynth, to name a few, previously featured on her monthly Transgressions Podcast. Currently, prepares releases on vinyl, through Illegal Alien Records and Nachtstrom Schallplatten. Also prepares the releases through her label Northallsen Records.